Glen Spey 12 Berry’s Brothers & Rudd

Glen Spey 12 Berry 2.jpg

Thanks to the man/woman/goat/alien cjotto9 for the sample. I’m expecting you to be the most prolific reviewer soon.

You may be asking yourself… wait, shit, I’ve quoted that song before. Fuck.

You wake up. You stare into the reddit and/or WordPress Abyss. Sweat drips down your face.

What… exactly… is Glen Spey? And why is TOModera reviewing it?

Sounds like a joke name just for whisky nerds. Glen, the number one start to any Scotch name, and part of Speyside.

Okay, that’s not that great of a joke at all. Maybe like it was made up for a show. I don’t really know.

In reality, this actually exists. It’s quite obscure. It’s yet another of the Diageo run hidden distilleries. There have been two official O.B., however the 8 is just a rumour and the 12 was part of Flora and Fauna.

There’s some other cool aspects of Glen Spey…

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