Millstone 100 Rye

Millstone 100 1.jpg

Das is some vet friggin whisky Gast!

Chillen man, I’m going to lay it all down. Don’t get your Kut all worked up!

Well there’s my attempt to learn Netherland slang. Anything else is pretty messed up and I’m pretty sure I fucked up “kut” up there.

What? Oh, yeah, I’m here to review whisky and butcher slang of a culture. And I’m all out of culture.

Millstone 100 Rye is an interesting duck. First up, not a duck, which makes the most interesting ducks. I can tell because it’s liquid and a witch weighed less then it.

This guy ducks.

So why 100? Was it the 100th attempt? Was it made 100 years ago? Did 100 people make it? Is everything to do with the distiller lead back to 100 and he goes insane, eventually painting a 3 story tall painting? No on all accounts.

This is 100% rye…

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One thought on “Millstone 100 Rye

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