Tyrconnell Finish Reviews (Port, Madeira, Sherry)

Thank you to /u/Boyd86 and /u/toadpooh for these drams.

Happy St. Patrick’s day. There are better reviewers than I who have done many more Irish reviews in preparation for today. I wish I could have done a larger multi-review, however I’m happy where all of this landed.

Tyrconnell is brought out by those evil (really?) masterminds (I mean, they are smart, sure, but not destroying the world smart) at the Kilbeggan distilling company.

Tyrconnell is made with 100% malted barely, distilled in a copper pot still, and generally liked by it’s employees (there’s no way he knows that).

To honour the Saint who probably hated whiskey (what with being English, I assume) and who generally converted the country away from that dirty paganism (not about snakes this time), I decided I’d thumb my nose at him while honouring the amazing culture and people of Ireland instead (who deserve a day…

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