Abraham Bowman High Rye

AB High Rye 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/dustlesswalnut for this sample.

It is said, in quiet whispers where whiskey nerds gather and chitter like the fey of old, that Abraham Bowman High Rye starts out as Buffalo Trace product.

Hunkered away in secret barrels, surrounded by surly journeymen of yore and the odd uncle cousin, it’s spirited through the night to the A. Smith Bowman facility in Virginia. There, using methods that date back to the countries founding (or whenever), alchemists of different sorts redistill, age, and bottle the final product.

These mysterious booze binders have done many a different whiskey. They launch but a few out to the masses, never giving credence (or clearwater) to the rumours. The dukes of Kentucky are mum on it as well.

Rather than use a barrel or herb of mythical origins, the whiskey smiths at Bowman have given us mere mortals a bourbon that contains “five times more…

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