Strathmill 18 Cadenhead’s Authentic Collection

Strathmill 18 Authentic Collection Cadenheads 2.jpg

What the what? Is /u/TOModera just making up distilleries now?

No actually. Not until I find investors, change some local ancient bullshit laws in Ontario, maybe have the seed money myself, and meet a chemist. Until then I’m left not making ones.

You’ve probably never heard of Strathmill before. It’s located in the town of Keith with two other whiskies used in blends (Strathisla and Glen Keith). The difference being this one isn’t own by Chivas, and rather is owned by Pernod Ricard.

A Flora and Fauna release was brought out in 2001 one, and otherwise you’re having it in a blends like Dunhill and J&B or independent bottlings.

Like this one, Strathmill 18 Cadenhead’s Authentic Collection. Why did I buy it? Well OB samples from Cadenhead’s, and I’m a sucker for samples of things I’ve never had. Bought it on one trip to the UK, and then forgot…

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