Bowmore Tempest Batch No. 4

Bowmore Tempest IV 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/Boyd86 for this sample.

Let’s get to the point, for once. Ever. Kinda.

I’m kinda a dick to Bowmore. I know, I know, sometimes they don’t exactly make it easy to be nice. Like the 12 year whisky. However it does affect how I react to things.

If I have a blend, for instance, and it brags about a smokey, Islay whisky in it, and I don’t like it, I usually assume it’s Bowmore.

And prior to having drams outside the standard 3, I was pretty harsh to Bowmore. And while I won’t apologize for that, it has affected my reaction to it moving forward.

Cask Strength, well made IB? Yes please. Oh, it’s Bowmore? Fuck off.

That is until I tried Lamrig. And Devil’s Cask. And Tempest.

So I was excited to try Bowmore Tempest Batch No. 4. I had previously enjoyed this limited dram aged…

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