Highland Park 1988 26 Cadenhead’s Small Batch Cask Strength

HP C 26 1.jpg

Thanks to /u/HD355 for setting up the bottle split on this one. And letting a moderately sized Canuck boy join in.

This was done in the style of Stuart McLean, a favourite artist of mine. Thank you for the indulgence of vocabulary.

Whisky is one of my main hobbies. From the first time I tried it at the young age of 11, and decided “there’s something to this”, I have had a fascination with the flavourful water of life that sprang forth to some enlightened man in ancient Celtic times.

My journey has brought me from the seediest bars to the less seediest bars to the seediest bar of them all, the Internet. I set my sights on trying to get better way back when in the halcyon days of yore.

What I’m saying is I’m old, but I’m still going strong.

I have the odd person walk up to…

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