Powers Gold Label

Powers Gold Label 2.jpg

So I’m still at Musikki Café, still with an amazing wife, post-chess defeat. We’ve actually come back for another drink while we wait.

Have I mentioned I married someone really cool? No? Well I did.

So while on this mini-vacation I decided to do some reviews. And since I’ve had a lot of the Scotches, and almost all of the Bourbons, I decided to do an Irish Whiskey. Again.

And it was out.

So I did a different one. I picked Powers Gold Label. Sounds cool. I enjoyed the Powers comic, I think. That was the one that was turned into a Playstation show, right?

Yeah, it was fun. Maybe the whiskey will be too.

(Note: This is a bad way to pick whiskey. Or anything in life, really).

Powers Gold Label was original just a pure pot still whiskey, introduced in 1791. This is one of the…

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