Compass Box The Lost Blend

CB Lost Blend 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/TequilaJunction for this sample.

And we finish my small foray into Compass Box with a look at things that shouldn’t work, but do.

You know, like a door that hangs off the hinges but makes everyone believe the house doesn’t have anything worth stealing. Or the idea of the Star Wars plan.

Not the plan to make the Death Star, or the plan to make the movies. Rather the plan of having satellites that screwed up the missile system of nukes coming into the US. It didn’t work. It was horrible, and based on what I’ve heard, would fire on bonfires in the USSR.

However the constant horse shit drove the USSR to run out of money. Or at least that’s what I was taught in grade 10. I’m assuming there was more to it.

So what doesn’t work here? Well it doesn’t work for me.

Compass Box…

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