Dunedin DoubleWood 10 (The New Zealand Whisky Company)

DoubleWood 10 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/Boyd86 for this sample.

I’ve been told not to do many things in life, and they’ve worked out well.

For one thing, I was told not to try New Zealand Whiskies, and here I am, trying it anyway.

I mean, if I listened to everyone, I wouldn’t have tried all the Canadian whiskies I’ve had.

Okay, maybe not the best example. But I went through for Computer Science and ended up in Business… and I was told that is what happen… shit.

I wouldn’t have dated the women that I did…

Oh wait, bad example again.

Alright, so typically people are right, however I’ll not ignore an entire whisky region due to some bad apples. And rough sexual interactions. And losing a year of professional life. And other things.

Dunedin DoubleWood 10 is produced at the Willowbank distillery on South Island. And if you’re wondering what South Island…

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