Highland Park Dark Origins

HP DarkO 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/shane_il for the sample.

The idea that anyone would knowingly go north of their country, buy farmland, and use that as “the place to vacation” is an alien concept to me.

Add in said “northern” location is in the middle of an Arctic sea, and I’m lost.

However my old boss informed me that, for awhile, it was a trend among richer UKers to do just that on Orkney island. It sounds as appealing as dipping ones genitalia in cold water, however I’m from a country that has a healthy group of polar bear dippers, so who am I to judge.

Along that same vein, it seems odd to bring out Highland Park Dark Origins.

Don’t get me wrong – I think bringing out a celebratory whisky for your founder (the batman of Orkney, Magnus Eunson) is pretty amazing. He was an interesting guy, what with being…

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