Mystery /r/Worldwhisky Howdy 1 [Howdying Mystery Review Series]

Mystery W Howdy 3 - 1.jpg

I awake, in a haze. Too many whiskies the night before. Or perhaps, too few.

Looking around, I find myself damp, left in an alien landscape. Multiple pipes are my only company, save the twisting pain against my head. A strong, damp smell raises me to my feet, watering my eyes with a sweet, old smell.

A dull sound fills the room. I am at peace. Perhaps the Howdying has left me mad, and my fractured mind has hidden me here as a last resort. A pinch at my skin reveals that I am still here.

My aching knees rise me up, and I wonder forth. A sudden screech, followed by a bucket falling over diverts my attention. A small boy, no older than 6, runs away, the sickly sweet smell of bathrooms trailing him. I think to follow, and then realize that this is an alien place, and it…

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