Mystery /r/Scotch Howdy 2 [Howdying Mystery Review Series]

Benriach 1996 Single Cask 16yr PX Finished 1.jpg

A small glimpse of light in the darkness shines towards my face.

I crawl my way towards it. The heavy gravity pulls my legs down.

Yet still I continue. For if I’m to escape the S.S. Howdy, I’ll need to do so with my wits.

With my tongue, more so. The end review is always the most demoralizing. The doubts, the misses. The horror.

Another arm slams the ground. Another length is dragged forward. Another bit of hope is held onto, even as more blood is lost.

“HOWDY! HOWDY!” It screams as I move forward. A dump against metal. A blink of the light.

I’ll make it out of here. I’ve done worse. I can still move.

Another arm forward. Another Step Forward. Almost done.

It’s been fun.

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Bottle No. 162 of 287

Cask No.: 5612

Aged: 16 years

Date of Bottling: Aug. 2012


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