Tullibardine 225

Tullibardine 225 2.jpg

Thank you to /u/Phreaky-Zee for this sample.

I’m a sucker for a nice finish. That’s probably why I’m an ass man. Anyone can wear makeup or get their boobs done: Ass takes special work.

Which leads us, very awkwardly for those of you who are puritanical, into the whisky I’m reviewing for today:Tullibardine 225.

This is the standard Tullibardine whisky that’s then finished in 225 litre casks that used to contain Sauternes dessert wine from Chateu Suduiraut.

And that seems like a great time. Beyond whisky, rum, and the odd random dram, I enjoy sweet wines. My love of sweets and love of ass seem diametrically opposed, yet in a sweet wine finished whisky, it seems that I no longer need that Chocolate mold of Nicki Manaj’s butt.

Finally I can get rid of it. Honestly it was taking up too much room anyway. Good riddance!

Let’s see…

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