Springbank 14 1999 Refill Sherry Butt Cask Strength

Springbank 14 1999 Refill Sherry Butt Cask Strength 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/devoz for the dram

Springbank. When first hearing the name, it evokes different thoughts.

At first, you imagine a brunch place that has lots of fresh fruit and squabbling couples pretending to like one another due to a fear of being alone.

Then you imagine a beautiful if cold river, flowing through days when it’s suppose to be warm, dammit.

Finally you come to the distillery that, at least these days, defines Campbeltown malts. So much so, that Springbank owns (or has money in) all but one distillery in the former town of peat (as no one called it except me this one time).

So when I found out about a special release, and that /u/devoz[+37] was willing to trade me it, I was stoked. Springbank 10 is still a great value buy for me. And while I think I scored it too high, and have thus…

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