Springbank SMWS 27.109 “Guns on the grouse moor”

Springbank SMWS 27.109 2.jpg

There’s lots of questions to answer and little time to answer them.

Why little time? Because after awhile these things turn into rambling and no one reads them. Mostly due to attention spans and getting to the point.

So, what whisky are we reviewing today? It’s Springbank SMWS 27.109 “Guns on the grouse moor”

That just makes more questions come up, let’s keep going.

What is SMWS? Scotch Malt Whisky Society. They are an independent bottler with the largest selection of single cask, single malt whiskies (in Canada). They are available in other places too. They don’t filter, dilute, or have rivals. Based on the website. They also don’t put the name of the distillery on the product.

So how do you know this is Springbank? Well, I read a website that says it was, so I believed them.

Ah, okay. What do the numbers mean? The first two is…

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