Glen Breton 12 Ice

Glen Breton 12 Ice 2.jpg

Glenora Distillery and I have a shakey non-relationship.

It’s a relationship for the joke description I’m writing now.

On the one hand, Canada’s first ever single malt. Made in Nova Scotia, fighting the good fight over naming issues. If that doesn’t make my heart bleed maple syrup and make me want to fuck a moose, I don’t know what will.

On the other hand… I didn’t love the standard offering from them. And while I don’t think it’s garbage, it’s just passing. Like a B- from the teacher who knew passing you meant you could take anything else and never be in charge of people they love.

That said, I actually really enjoyed their last Ice Wine release. And so did others, including /u/texacer, like that means anything.

So when Glen Breton announced they would be selling Glen Breton 12 Ice, my ears perked. I do love Ice…

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