Jim Beam Devil’s Cut

Jim Beam Devils Cut 2.jpg

People sometimes ask me why I drink whiskey that I don’t have the biggest like for. Or the best feeling.

And I usually tell them to stop being make believe and shit. Because no one asks me that, except /u/texacer every so often.

I do it because someone, probably in a movie, once said you can’t have the sweet without the sour.

No, that’s not it at all. I do it because you can’t discount things because of the brand.

Sure, most of the time you can. If you don’t like Jura’s Scotch, then you probably won’t like it over and over. However you may not mind their peated. Or you may end up trying the Boutique barrels and thinking “hey, this is pretty good”.

Or take Macallan. Please. Far away from me. And then I try the Macallan Cask Strength and it’s great.

So I don’t discount based on…

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