Ledaig Quintuple Review [10, 7 /r/Scotch Sherry Cask, SMWS 42.15, G&M 1994 & 1998]


So there’s been quite a bit of talk on /r/Scotch about Ledaig and Tobermory. I believe the term “Great Ass Whisky” has been thrown about, with many felchers coming out of the woodwork to state their love for that booty-licious flavour.

I, of course, laughed it all off. I, a constant reviewer, must have reviewed multiple Tobermory and Ledaigs.

I checked, and yes, I’m the horrible person who doesn’t like Tobermory.

However my ego took a blow when I found I hadn’t reviewed as many Ledaig’s as I liked to pretend. Actually I had reviewed one. In UK. About a year ago.

So I’m an idiot. Decided to gather up some samples, and eventually do a vertical gang-bang of reviews.

So here we are. After months of gathering, I have 5, in very little way through some of them. Only 1 OB.

So, what is Ledaig? Well Tobermory distillery, located…

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