Longrow Red 11 Australian Shiraz

LR11AS 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/devoz for this dram. I think. I assume. Looked like his handwriting.

To say that I enjoy Longrow at this point is a tad redundant. To instead say that I’m coco for cocoa puffs is a lie, as I ate a bunch of them off the floor as a child and don’t really like that flavour anymore.

That really doesn’t have much to do with the whisky. Well, sometimes it has a proper cocoa taste and maybe some musty-ness, however it’s a lot better and something I like putting in my mouth.

Like dick (see, dick jokes are my thing).

Anyway, on to the whisky. Longrow releases a new whisky almost every year under the “Red” label. And each year the whisky is finished in a different wine barrel. Usually one that’s red, given the name.

And let’s be honest: Longrow White would get them up Tumblr’s collective…

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