Bib & Tucker 6 Small Batch

Bib & Tucker 6 2.jpg

So I’m in Newfoundland for vacation. And I’m drinking Ouzo, Rum, cocktails, and everything else I can have.

However the whisky selection isn’t great. And I don’t blame them: It’s an Island, and Canada has Byzantine laws concerning the Devil’s happy water.

But then, in the deep parts of the city (well… a basement), I find out about a whisky bar. That has a whisky night. With whisky people and whisky food and whisky… sex? Probably not those last two, but whisky.

The place? Why it’s the Underbelly, a place that has a board that survived the massive 1892 fire that destroyed the city. Pretty cool.

Even better: They have a good selection of whisky, and a pretty awesome bartender to boot. Honestly, if they didn’t have the whisky, I’d be drinking her cocktails. And that’s not an euphemism, I mean she’s amazing at cocktails and was a great…

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