Crown Royal Monarch 75 Anniversary Blend

Crown Royal Monarch 75 2.jpg

I’m getting to that “drank too much at the bar” stage while on vacation.

See, I’ve done 3 others reviews at the Underbelly. And while I could probably do a 5th, I’d like to sleep well and it wouldn’t be that great.

Not to mention we all finished our food and fatty wants to sleep (I’m fatty, BTW).

So I finished the night with Crown Royal Monarch 75 Anniversary Blend.

So I’m going to start with an interesting point here: There’s few whiskies I’ll say were made to just sit on a shelf. I honestly believe all whisky, regardless of how much it’s suppose to sit in a glass decanter made by the Elves after the fall of man, should be drank.

However there’s times where a whisky seems to be made as a tribute. And in this case, I believe this one falls under that.

Don’t get…

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