West Cork Original & West Cork 10 Single Malt

So in case you missed the first post, I’m still in Newfoundland. Well, not really. I’m back and writing reviews in Ontario, but I was in Newfoundland at the time of writing this.

And I’m still at the Underbelly. And I’m still enjoying all the whiskey I can afford.

So I’ve reviewed most, if not all, of the ample selection of Scotch. What’s a whisky snob reviewer to do? Well go to Irish Whiskey, Duh!

But I wanted to make it special. Really I wanted to review two from the same distillery. If you count that as special, we’re on the same wavelength. If you think it’s so I type less, we’re also on the same wave length.

West Cork Distillers is based in West Cork.

Well, that should be enough for the day, goodnight folks!


The distillery is based in Skibbereen, which is in West Cork. It…

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