High West Bourye (2014)

HW Bourye 2014 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/cnbrown313 for this sample.

I’ve been told I had to try High West Bourye. So I did.

There, intro done. Nice job /u/TOModera .

Seriously though, when I last have reviewed the lonely distiller in the middle of Hell Utah, I’ve had quite a few people tell me I had to get my hands on High West Bourye.

Which was easy, because the local liquor stores are so accommodating.

(That’s sarcasm).

So I finally found someone who was nice enough to swap me for some. Which was cool.

But why is this hard to find? Simply enough, this is an interesting blend of whiskies that only those crazy cowboys down at High West would ever attempt.

So first they talk to three different distillers: Four Roses, LDI and Barton. And that has to be fun for their logistics guys. Three calls? Come on, other distillers call…

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