Lagavulin 8

Lagavulin 8 2.jpg

First night of starting drinking again. It’s about time is what I say.

I can be a pretty cynical person. At least I used to be.

In the old days (not like the old country with old people and Coke Classic), I was a cynical little bugger. No company brought out anything other than to make a buck. No one was here to help you, no one could help you, and don’t even think anyone (but me, of course) gave a shit about you.

Well as time went on and I stopped listening to (as much) punk music, I realized that was a dire way to look at things. Yes, I should be skeptical, however in such a way that I’m not just putting down the collective efforts and altruism that is throughout the world.

That said, I work in business. I know most businesses only release something when they…

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