Bowmore SMWS 3.213 “Fresh, inviting, energetic”

smws 3213 2.jpg

Hey, I’m not a fan of Bowmore!

Wait! Don’t leave!

I meant to say, I’m not normally a fan of Bowmore at a lower strength.

Seriously, stop leaving!

My bias are what they are. And honestly, I don’t hide from them. I continuously test them and see if they have changed. That’s all I can do. I’m human. We’re all fucking human. There’s mistakes we make, and we have to challenge ourselves.

So, when I was offered each of the samples of the SMWS beginner pack, I jumped at it. And given one, SMWS 3.213 “Fresh, inviting, energetic” is in fact from Bowmore, I didn’t think twice.

Partially because I like Bowmores that are Cask Strength, and partially because I’m not done with the distillery yet.

This will have less information than other SMWS offerings, if only because I couldn’t find it on their site, and the bottles are somewhat…

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