Wiser’s Red Letter (2013) & Cask Strength

So what’s the deal with Wiser’s?

Well for that, like a lot of things in Canadian history, we have to go to the US.

See after the Civil War (not the movie or the comic book series), the US wanted whisky. And from what I understand from High School US history, the south was pretty beat up and wasn’t spending time making whisky.

So they turned to Canada. And we made them whisky, and everyone was happy… well as happy as one could be after a massive, bloody war that still has ripples affecting the US today.

And one of those things is that Wiser’s still exists. Not only that, but they made their name after the Civil War, and today are still in business.

Way to go Wiser’s!

And to celebrate this, Wiser’s brought out their old recipes and created Wiser’s Red Letter.

But that’s just the simple…

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