Glen Grant SMWS 9.94 “Jam & Jerusalem”

smws 994 2.jpg

And finally I’ll stop posting all the SMWS whiskies I have…. traded for from the welcome kit.

What, you thought I had run out already? I have a problem people. And it’s called too many damn samples. And an utter need to write. And an unwavering devotion to the 15th century Pope.

Oh, wait, ignore that last one. It surprised even me.

So, do you know of Glen Grant? No? Well that probably means you’re not an Italian whisky drinker. And I don’t mean you have 1.3 Italian in you but don’t speak the language, and mostly grew up in the US.

I mean you were born and raised in Italy. Have an Italian passport. All those things. So if you’re that, and don’t just identify as one, guess what: You’ll know Glen Grant.

You’ll know it really well because Glen Grant is the number 1 selling whisky in Italy…

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