Laphroaig SMWS 29.154 “Camping with M*A*S*H”

smws 29154 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/devoz for swapping me this sample.

So like a lot of Millennials (albeit one on the older side of that weathered coin), I grew up with MAS*H reruns. I watched it a ton, almost to the point where I wonder how much I really understood about the Korean war.

Looking back, the idea of the show seemed insane. I was growing up watching a show that originally aired 10 years before I was born. About a war I had no idea about. That was based on the drug and drinking habits of womanizing men who needed some way to find normalcy in a war zone.

I mean, for all of you parents out there: would you let your kids watch a show like that? Now? About the Gulf War (either one, take your pick).

None the less, being Melancholy and generally understanding humour is needed (desperately)…

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