Glen Elgin SMWS 85.35 “Complex & full of character”

SMWS 8535.jpg

Reviews are an interesting thing.

I like to think of any review as a good starting point, not an end point.

For instance, recently I went to see Suicide Squad. I’m not the biggest DC fan. However I am a big comic book movie fan, and watch a lot of them.

I saw some reviews. Read quite a few, and saw some others. Fans, non fans, comic book fans, movie geeks, etc. The end result was it was meh, but better than Man of Steel, which I demand my time back before I die. Preferably from Zack Snyder.

None the less, from what I heard, I was ready for meh. I was prepared for a slightly more funny movie. And it was, in fact, meh. That’s okay.

Which brings me to this whisky. I’ve never had a Glen Elgin.

When the outtrun came out, as I’ve said before, I look…

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