Strathisla SMWS 58.17 “Not shaken, not stirred”

smws 5817 2.jpg

So as a child I was a pushover. Easily convinced of anything. Quite Naive, if you will.

And if you pronounce that as “knave”, then you can fuck right off.

Anyway, while I like to believe that I’m over that, every so often my inner child rears it’s ugly, fat little hit and makes me go along with the group.

Case in point: SMWS 58.17 “Not shaken, not stirred”. So all we know of SMWS is the distillery (based on codes around the net), they are single cask (and thus I can’t tell how they taste), and the name gives us a hint to the flavour (though some of them are downright not helpful).

So, let’s run down how I reacted when asked if I wanted this one:

  1. It’s from Strathisla. Saying it out loud makes me sound drunk already. Also I reviewed the 12 (see below), and wasn’t…

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