Glengoyne SMWS 123.8 “In the Spanish mountains”

smws 1238.jpg

Glengoyne is the one distillery in the Highlands that doesn’t let me down. It doesn’t run me around. And dessert me.

I’m going to have a tough time giving it up, to say the least. Not that I need to. I just somehow had to write a start and I’m on the last SMWS I’m going to review for a bit.

I say a bit because while I make it seem like this is all planned and I have my shit together, I’m mostly two bouts of writer’s block away from screaming at the top of my lungs and curling up with my cats, unable to drink again.


None the less, Glengoyne is a Highland that I enjoy. And that’s rare, because Highland is the weakest region for me. And luckily I happen to like it, because my friends like it too.

But that’s usually not enough for me…

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