Stranahan’s Triple Review [Original, Diamond, Snowflake]


I’m somewhat of a Slowpoke when it comes to Stranahan’s. Actually I’d call myself a tea totaler when it comes to the distillery. Well… an accidental one, rather.

Mostly because until recently I wasn’t able to pick any of it up. And even then, I’ve been working through samples like a drowning man drinks water. Then /u/devoz[+51] and /u/Jolarbear both teamed up to prove I should be trying it by swapping me a bunch of samples.

Those Jerks.

So who is Stranahan’s Distillery anyway? Well they’re a craft distillery in Colorado. And they make Single Malts in small batches, but without the bullshit way. Two guys met over a potential barn burner (not a joke).

They have three whiskies out. I’m reviewing three whiskies. Coincidence? Yeah, completely.

So, it’s a small batch, all NAS distiller. Sounds interesting. Let’s see how they taste, shall we?

Region: Colorado

stranahans original 2.jpgStranahan’s Original is up…

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