Booker’s Foursome

Booker Bottle.jpg

Thanks to /u/Boyd86, /u/muaddib99, and /u/lvl1dramacenter for three of these. Thank me for the last one (DO IT).

I am ashamed and hurt to say that up until these reviews, I had never had Booker’s. Shock and Awe should be creeping across your face. An angry comment should be typed. No home should be safe from your totally not misplaced anger.

We good? Okay. So the reason I never had it is I have a lot of whiskies to review and ended up with 4 different batches.

But maybe we should start at the start: This is the Internet, and you’re reading English.

Alright, let’s skip ahead.

Jim Beam is a company that makes Bourbon.

Skip ahead a little more TOModera.

Alright. So part of Beam’s lineup of Bourbon is what they call the “Small Batch Bourbon Collection”. And as we know, Collections have little to do…

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