Bowmore 12 Enigma

Bowmore Enigma 12 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/j4ni for this sample.

Throughout the ages, many smarter, more diligent, and much more drunk men have asked: What is an enigma?

Is it a thought exercise with an end? But if it ends, what is the point? But if there is no end, why do the exercise? Does it just tire with no reward, leaving only the strongest among us to ponder it?

If it is not an exercise, then what? Is it a lost art, mired in procedural shows that are fun yet intellectually pandering to the lowest common denominator?

If not a mystery, then what? Is it an unexplained origin, waiting for science to catch up, having each of us guess at it like children throwing lawn darts at one another? DOes it maim in the process, all so one of us can say “Oh, I know”

If not philosophy, then what is it? A…

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