Highland Park 10

HP10 1.jpg

So a Canadian walks into a bar (in Canada), and finds a Scotch he’s never reviewed.

He falls dead at that point, only to realize he had already died and gone to Heaven, mostly due to his staunch agnostic atheistic attitudes and love of butter, oil, and fattening foods, specifically pork.

This could have been me, but somehow my heart is still going.

Highland Park 10 is hardly a rare find, or something most people would get gitty about. It’s the same process of the typical Highland Park, which includes both sherry and bourbon casks, aging by the sea, a light amount of peat, and two others that come down to technique and quality.

However they’ve made it two years younger than the old Standard offering, which made our collective heads scratch. Add on that it’s at quite a few provincially run alcohol stores and the low alcohol, and one…

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