Glenmorangie Tusail [Pub L’Isle Noire Flight Review Set #2]


Went back to L’Île Noire Pub because I was in Montreal and it’s a great pub and they have a ton of whisky and gin. Great place, good prices, good staff.

But why choose a Highland whisky? I mean, it’s not a bad region, per say. It’s just not usually my thing. My jive is off with it. I am not a Highlander. If you cut off my head, you gain none of my power, and go to jail, because I’m not immortal, nor a prince of the universe, not born to be a king.

But there are some Highlands I like. There are others I do not. And I keep looking, because there’s always a chance someone does something different and it becomes a gem.

Speaking of something different, I drank Glenmorangie Tusail next. Why is this different?

Each year Glenmorangie does a different special ‘Private Collection’, and this…

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