Benromach Organic

benromach organic 1.jpg

Bias time: I’m not the kind of person who puts much stock in Organic as a label.

I understand, in some places, it makes sense. There’s a huge reason to have it in the UK, from what I’ve been told. The standards just aren’t there, from what I’ve read. Compared to Canada to the US, where it’s become a new label that mostly means… something.

That said, I can still see the desire for it. I can see the want and hope better quality. And in a constantly changing, competitive industry that is always looking for a step up. So why not attempt the newest, greatest craze?

That leads us to Benromach Organic. And you have to be the first one on the market, too. Can’t have someone else jumping on the bandwagon, outdoing you. Especially if it works.

So if you’re Benromach, you do just that. You launch…

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