Tullibardine Sovereign [The Highlander Pub Flight Review Set #1]

TS 2.jpg

Hey, look, it’s proof that I can be both right and wrong in two reviews! I’m at a different whisky bar now: The Highlander Pub in Ottawa. Go there. Drink. Be Happy.

I recently wrote about Bruichladdich, well known for finishing some of their products and having a large amount of whiskies. And I recently reviewed a bourbon cask from them to show they aren’t just “that distillery that finishes things.”

So what does that have to do with this, a completely different review, potentially with a different moral and different tone, perhaps in which I pretend I’m a planet drinking human souls from a Glencairn of anger and happiness.

Let me make a mental note about that last one. Okay, good to go, stabbed my brain with a pen.

Though not as prolific as Bruichladdich, Tullibardine is well known as well for finishing their whisky in different wine casks…

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