Mortlach 21 Gordon & MacPhail

mort 1.jpg

At a new bar now. No, I’m not drinking in addition to these posts. Well, one Brickworks Cider, and it was tasty, but still. We’re walking a lot and it’s vacation, stop giving me the third degree.

As I’m a totally awesome person and husband, while picking a place to eat and drink for the night, I pushed for a wine bar. My wife is worth it.

So what it was in a basement that I like? So what that they played nice, smooth, light jazz that I prefer? Or that that food was amazing? Or that they also had whisky by coincidence? I did this for her.

So they had Mortlach 21 (Gordon & MacPhail), and I haven’t reviewed it before. Why? Well I’m a little all over the place when it comes to Mortlach. I’ve loved some of the drams I’ve tried, and “meh” about others. It’s…

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