Highland Park Odin [The Highlander Pub Flight Review Set #2]

highlandparkodin 1.jpg

And so we conclude my latest vacation binge review series at Highlander Pub.

Revere and be grateful for Odin, for within there would be no wisdom, no death, no healing, no glorious battle, no magic, no poems for the skalds to sing, and much more. He strides above his adopted grandson, the 8 legged horse Slepnir. All fierce females of battle are their death.

But why, oh why, do I bother you with Germanic and Norse myth instead of whisky? Well Highland Park created a Valhalla collection, with Odin being the last.

Rather than just call a whisky by a popular culture name and let people go to it on their own, Highland Park decided to aim for the lofty idea of matching the flavour profile to the personality of the mythic god.

Odin himself is seen as the ultimate royalty. Wise, all powerful, far seeing, and accompanied by…

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