Royal Lochnagar Selected Reserve [Feather’s Flight Review Set #15]

RLSR 2.jpg

Impromptu Feathers Pub night? Who would have expected it from me?

Well, me for one.

I was asked, nicely, by my father and his friends, to pick out a whisky for a new whisky drinker to try. And I was told to pick any one, especially a high end one. So I did. I picked Royal Lochnagar 23 year Cask Strength. You’ll notice that isn’t bolded.

Because it was out. And the only Royal Lochnagar they had left was Royal Lochnagar Selected Reserve. See, bolded. So you know what we did.

We drank it. Because you gotta try a Highland. And the friend out was just starting with Scotch, and had enjoyed Speysides quite a bit, so I picked a Highland to show the difference.

Royal Lochnagar Selected Reserve is a now discontinued offering right from the distillery that came with a wooden box. And… that’s about all I…

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