Port Ellen 1978 22 [Feather’s Flight Review Set #15]

pe 22.jpg

Review number 2 of Feathers Pub, and I was asked to make it a doozy. So it’s time to skip dessert, we’re going in.

Yup, reviewing an Islay. A mothballed one at that. My highest reviewed distillery at that. A dram that most of us won’t ever have, because the rest of us have other hobbies or other things like children or families to invest in.

You’re welcome, in other words.

Port Ellen 1978 22 is the cask strength, balls out but still coloured old ass offering from our friends and enemies at Diageo. It was released around the time we were all realizing that Y2K wasn’t a thing at all, and I want to say it’s the third release, but honestly can’t back that up worth a damn.

Port Ellen, for those of you new to this fun little game, used to be a distillery on Islay. It…

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