Wiser’s Last Barrels 14

Wisers 14 2.jpg

By fluke chance, I walked into a burger bar best known for it’s craft beer, and they had a whisky I haven’t had a chance to try yet.

It’s like opening up a chocolate bar and then seeing a really tasty pretzel and buying it because you have no willpower.

So like that. They even served it in a cool little glass to make it easier for me to sample.

And it was before I drank like a fish for a weekend, so I totally was able to enjoy it… rather than, well now, when I’m realizing I don’t like drinking to get drunk as much as I used to.

Odd. Anyway, I finally tried Wiser’s Last Barrels 14, so hooray for finally catching up with the rest of /r/canadawhisky.

So what do they mean by “Last Barrels”? Is there no more Wiser’s? What, oh what, will us…

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