Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. Seasoned Wood

CEH Seasoned.jpg

Yup, I bought a bottle and opened it. I’m as rare as a technicolour unicorn who prefers the Middle East.

But why is that? Is it because I type this with my hooves and my horn, like areas that have slid into repressive regimes due to a myriad of reasons, too numerous to discuss here, and was born by starlight? No, it’s due to the limited release of Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. Seasoned Wood.

Rumoured to be even more limited of a release than Cured Oak, it’s sometimes father, this is a different take. Where as Cured Oak was 17 years old, while this one is over 10 years old. This wheated bourbon also went through a stave curing process.

I could try to put a funny spin on it, but it’s better to say it this way:

the barrels in this release underwent a variety of special seasoning…

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