Old Pulteney 1997 Kensington Wine Market Cask 1636

OP KVM Cask 2.jpg

As I inch closer to both my 500th Scotch review and my 800th whisky network review, I start looking over my different demi, quarter, and semi bottles. I ponder which order, and then consult the great source I usually do: A monk trapped in a brandy barrel for thousands of years that I swapped four cantaloupes and a Thaiwainese juggler’s contract for.

You know, like we all do.

I’m still confused as to what to make of Old Pulteney, or really why I purchased a portion of a bottle of Old Pulteney 1997 Cask 1636.

It’s not that I think they are a bad distillery. On the contrary, I think the 17 is a solid dram, and the 21 makes up for what little errors it has.

That said… I think it stems back to my childhood… I was beaten daily by a bag of salt.

Wait, no, that’s…

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