Glendronach 43 Year Old Single Cask (1971, #2920) [800th Whisky Review]

glen 43 2.jpg

First off, yes. This is my 800th review on the whisky network. I’m now about 1% of the database. Part of it. A good chunk, at least.

Second, thank you to /u/xile_ for this sample. I owe you, and thanks for giving me a milestone worthy dram to review.

It’s kinda funny too, because a few days after reviewing this I ended up with a bad cold and haven’t had any since.


Anyway, I’m not that bitter. I mean, it could have been worse. It could have happened before this one.

But let’s get to the whisky. GlenDronach 43 Single Cask 1971. That’s a lot of take in. In a way, let’s celebrate breaking down.

GlenDronach has quite the past. They were founded in 1826, and the second do apply for a license to do so legally in Scotland. Ever. It may have started…

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