High West Double Rye! (Manhattan, Ex-Campfire, and Bourbon Finish) [Triple Review]

High West.jpg

Thanks to /u/LetThereBeR0ck and /u/cnbrown313

Recently High West sold off their distillery. And thus, it’s time to start saying, before anyone else, say it’s gone bad and time to grab all the whiskies while you still can.

That’s right folks. In no way will the old company be the same way as it ever has been. It’s all screwed. Run for the hills. Hide all the bottles. Forget the company from here on out.

Or… we could wait and see. Bruichladdich seems to have stayed the course after being bought. Glendronach and BenRiach survived. We’ll have to see if it goes right or wrong.

Regardless of all that, I decided it was a great time to finally get my act in gear and finish up some special Double Rye! samples.

Special not in that they’re somehow different but the same type of whisky. No, these are stronger versions that have…

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