Speyside 2007 The Cooper’s Choice

Speyside 2007 The Cooper's Choice 2.jpg

hanks to /u/xile_ for this and many other samples. He bought a bunch of whisky from Keg n Cork. He decided to share it with some of us when I and others came to pick up whisky from him.

Suffice to say, being hungover the next day was worth it.

But I’m getting a hold of myself. And ahead of myself. Both at the same time. It’s hard to type with just one hand.

So, what is up with Speyside 2007 The Cooper’s Choice? If, like me just a year ago, you had not had anything from the Speyside distillery, you’d think this was either a blend (which it is not) of Speyside only malts, or you’d think it was a distillery that didn’t want their name out.

Unfortunately you’d be wrong, and would hate yourself for it for years to come, embarrassed so much you’d drink only…

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