Adelphi ‘The Glover’ 18

Adelphi 'The Glover' 18 2.jpg

Ended up splitting a bottle of this.

So you may be asking what I’ve always been asking: What, or who, is Adelphi ‘The Glover’ 18. Who is Glover? Is is Danny or Donald Glover? Because they are very talented.

Well, no. And this may take some time, so maybe throw on Community or Lethal Weapon to help follow along.

So first off, Adelphi is an independent bottler of good quality. So far, so good.

But who is the Glover then? Well this is named after a man, Thomas Blake Glover. The man worked for Jardine Matheson, the largest British company trading in the Far East during the mid 1800s.

And he goes to Nagasaki as the company’s lead man. In this day and age, he’d be just another otaku from the West wanting a subservient girlfriend. Back then though? Japan had followed a strict ban on foreign trade and…

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